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Details of locomotive classes, drawings (where available) and photographs


Liverpool to Southport 1904
Manchester to Bury & Holcombe Brook 1915
Electric locomotives

Signalling and
Weekly Traffic Notices

Signals, Signal Boxes and Weekly Traffic notices controlling the operation

The Great War
1914 - 1918

A record of the contribution made by the L&Y and its employees including lists of those killed in action

Papers to Learned Institutions & Patent Documents

Papers given by LYR Officers

Patents taken out by LYR staff or used by them

Private Owner Wagons

A list of the Private Owner wagon fleets registered with the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway


A selection of photos from the Society Collection covering a wide variety of locations and items of interest


Carriages, Wagons
and Road Vehicles

Order details, diagrams, drawings and photographs of LYR rolling stock, road vehicles and platform trucks

Working Timetables (WTT) Appendices to WTT

WTTs and the Appendices to the WTT which contain a mass of operational details as to how the railway operated on a day to day basis


Permanent Way, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Parliamentary, Legal & Financial

Acts of Parliament, Shares, Shareholder Meetings

LYR Chronology
1825 - 2013

A chronological list of many of the key events in the history of the L&Y and its successors

Contemporary Journal Extracts

Over 2500 live links to Grace’s Guide of articles and extracts from The Engineer and The Electrical Review

Tickets, Parcels & Waybills

To be added.

Public Timetables,
Publicity, Excursions
and Tourism

Timetables, Publicity Leaflets, Advertising and Promotional Booklets

Operational & General
Staff Documents and
Public Correspondence

Instructions to Staff, Correspondence with the Public

Horwich Works, Newton Heath Works, & other LYR facilities

Manufacturing locos, wagons, carriages, road vehicles etc

Accident Reports

A chronological list of Board of Trade Reports into accidents on the L&Y


The L&Y was the largest railway owned shipping fleet with 31 vessels operating from both west and east coast ports

Book List

A list of standard texts on the history of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway

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