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These notes have been compiled by Dave Carter, our 4mm Modelling Coordinator
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Page last updated May 2022

Aspinall 2-4-2T engine 00 gauge ready-to-run

Aspinall 0-4-0ST engine 00 gauge ready-to-run

Andrew Hartshorn
PO Box 70, Barton upon Humber, DN18 5XY

Aspinall 4-4-0 Built Horwich 1891& 94

Semi-elliptical Roof Gangway stock
Dia. 84 6 comp. Tri compo.
Dia. 90 Corridor 8 comp Bk. 3rd.
Dia. 91 4 comp. Bk.3rd.
Dia. 104 7 comp. compo.
Dia. 105 5 comp. Bk.3rd.

Semi-elliptical Roof Non – Gangway stock
Dia 86 8 comp. Compo
Dia 87 8 comp. Lavatory Compo
Dia 94 5 comp Bk. 3rd.
Dia 98 9 comp. 3rd.

The locomotive and coaches were originally produced by Chowbent Castings.

Twin Timber wagons
D36 Cast white metal body parts, with etched and cast brass and white metal fittings.

Cast point levers, as used in yards and sidings.
L&Y signal arms and fittings.
L&Y loco jacks, just what you need to finish off the Radial tank.
Elliptical spring (non rotating) coach buffers, as used on L&Y coaches.
3 bolt wagon buffers.
Coach gas lamp tops (2 types)
Gas reservoir tanks.
Vacuum Cylinders.
Etched wagon Vee hangers and levers etc.

Profile milled loco and tender frames in 0.018” (.45 mm) Brass.

LM1-66 Hughes Rail motor
LM1-136 4-6-4T
LM1-84 0-6-0 Aspinall 27/28
LM1-196 4-6-0 Dreadnought Class 8
LM1-97 0-4-0 ST Pug Class 21
LM1-197 0-6-0T Aspinall Rapid tank Class 24
LM1-262 0-6-0 ST Class 23

Horn blocks, Wheels, crankpins, Gearboxes and other scratch building components are also available.

Alan Austin, 27 Stanhope Gardens, Ilford, Essex IG13LQ

Etched Nickel Silver Wagon Axleguards (W Irons) Dropped type axle guard bridle. Also makes frets covering draw hooks, break gear and wagon running gear.

Seven Acres, Meltham Rd. Marsden. Huddersfield. HD7 6JZ
t: 07872 823017
e: info@247developments.co.uk  sales@247developments.co.uk  orders@247developments.co.uk

Gary Wells, who runs 247 developments, produces 4mm scale, etched loco number plates which are fully etched out, i.e. only two small tabs to cut and clean up. They are also painted black, ready to fit to your loco. The following plates are listed in his catalogue; He will do specials if requested.

Number Type Built Description Class Withdrawn
230 2-4-2T 6/1911 Superheater, Long bunker 18 class
237 0-6-0 9/1912 Belpaire FB, Superheater 20 class
402 0-6-0 11/1871 Kitson built, domeless boiler 07/01
523 0-6-0 01/1898 Standard A Class 1 08/32
676 0-8-0 07/1900 Small boiler 49 04/27
746 2-4-2T 02/1901 Round top FB, long bunker 5 09/38
752 0-6-0ST 04/1896 rebuilt from BP 0-6-0 – preserved K&WVR
821 0-4-0ST 01/1906 Pug 2 07/59
931 0-6-0 09/1887 Barton Wright, Vulcan built 928 12/33
957 0-6-0 09/1887 Barton Wright, Beyer P built 928 05/59
1008 2-4-2T 02/1889 Sat. boiler, Short bunker 1008 09/54
1031 0-6-0 02/1890 A class, rebuilt 02/13 Bp FB 1 05/57
1042 2-4-2T 07/1890 Sat. boiler, Short bunker 1008 05/52
1300 0-6-0 01/1896 A Class 1 08/60
1406 4-4-2 02/1902 Atlantic 700 12/31

Etched Brass Coach Kits available as full body & under frame, full body or sides only.

BCK1200 D58 Brake Third Open
BCK1201 D85 RFK
BCK1202 D93 Brake First Corridor
BCK1203 D103 RCO/RTO
BCK1204 D95 Third Open
BCK1205 D102 Brake Third Open
BCK1206 D133 First Open
BCK1207 D129 Third Open
BCK1208 D139 Compo Open
BCK1209 D131 Brake Third Open
BCK1211 D126 Club Car
BCK1212 Steam Rail Motor Trailer

2–4–2T chassis kit etched in brass to suit the Craftsman kit

Etched brass brackets used to support the awning over platforms at smaller stations.

Broom Lane, Oake,
Taunton. TA4 1BE.
t: 01823 461961

Blacksmith Etched coach kits
412013 L&YR Dia. 94 54’ Bk 3rd. (LBL set)
412014 L&YR Dia. 130 56’ Compo. (LBL set)

6 Stratified Park Court, London N21 1BU
t: 0208 364 0374 SUNDAY MORNING ONLY 09.00 to 10.00!

Etched locomotive number plates, these are the ex – Kings Cross range.
19 79 276 344 446 481 603 737 752 957 1008 1036 1107 1110 1186 1217 1358 1403 1409 1414 1484 1503 1511 1619 1650

20 Slade Close, Sully, Vale of Glamorgan, CF64 5UU
t: 02920 026 122.

Etched brass 2 plank ballast wagons, with white metal fittings.

DAVID GEEN Model Railway Kits
30 Silverwood Close, Dale Park, Hartlepool, Cleveland TS27 3QF

M/035 Dia. 30 Bogie Bk. 3rd.

These are the original Micro Scale Products
M/041 Dia. 32 Bogie Compo
M/042 Dia. 34 Bogie 3rd.

Etched Brass, with white metal castings.
M/035 Dia. 108 Horse Box
M/001 Dia. 11 1 plank open wagon

Cast White Metal kits.
M/ 5 plank open wagon
M/002 Dia.3 10 ton Covered Van
M/004 Dia. 15 3 plank drop side wagon
M/005 Dia. 16 4 plank open wagon
M/006 Dia. 16A 5 plank open wagon
M/010 Dia. 19 Cattle wagon
M/011 Dia. 19 Cattle wagon(Vac fitted)
M/013 Dia. 32A Single Bolster wagon
M/015 Dia. 55 5 plank open Fruit wagon
M/017 Dia. 63 5 plank open, end door wagon
M/018 Dia. 64 Butter Van
M/020 Dia. 72 Fish Van.
M/021 Dia. 73 Covered Goods Van

Chris Gibbon. 14 Tudor Rd. Chester–le–Street, County Durham. DH3 3RY

Excellent kit for the Pug under frame. Etched in Nickel Silver and lost wax brass castings. Designed to replace the Hornby Railways 00 chassis.
LYR 4-wheel Battery Locomotive used at Formby Power Station – 4mm kit

Chris also produces a wide range of gearbox kits, for different configurations and etched horn blocks with brass bearings.

“Llety Derwen” Llechryd, WEST WALES, SA43 2NL

Previously these were available as kits but currently appear to be as etches only.
LK 53 0 – 6 – 0T Aspinall Rapid tank
LK 35 0 – 6 – 0 Barton Wright class 25
LK 173 as above, but smaller 10’ 6” WB tender.
LK 54 Hughes Rail motor loco & coach.

PO Box 643, Watford, Herts, WD24 5ZJ

LOCO 41 Class 30 small boiler 0-8-0
LOCO 42 Class 31 large boiler 0-8-0
LOCO 43 Class Barton Wright 0-6-0 tender loco.
LOCO 44 Class 5 Aspinall round top firebox 2-4-2T, short or long bunker.
Loco 45 Class 6 Aspinall Belpaire firebox 2-4-2T, short or long bunker
Loco 46 Class Barton Wright converted saddle tanks.
Loco 47 Class Barton Wright 6’ 0” 4-4-0 Vulcan built.

Separate locomotive tenders
Tender 41 8 wheel tender
Tender 42 Vulcan / Sharp Stuart 1780 gal. Short wheel base tender.
Tender 43 Vulcan / Sharp Stuart 2000 gal. Short wheel base tender.

LY1 D5. Lavatory Compo
LY2 D7 / D8 Compo.
LY3 D10 Brake 3rd.
LY4 Family Saloon
LY5 Birdcage Brake 3rd.
LY6 D13/ D14 & D20 Originally built as 3rd. Class vehicles, later reclassified as Football or Picnic saloons, also fitted with air brakes for use on NER, Caledonian and GER

LYHB D109A Horse box built 1901, Dual Air & Vac brake fitted

17 Brookfield Park, Mill Lane, Old Tupton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. S42 6AF
t: 01246 863579
e: pbarker@maygurney.co.uk

L&YR Dynamometer Car Dia. D7676 price £38.00 (post free)
Nearly available – Blackpool Club Car Dia. 126
Make cheques payable to Paul Barker.

Paul makes coach kits for L&NWR, Midland and LMS prototypes. All kits comprise a copper clad sheet floor, etched brass body, extruded aluminium roof and cast Pewter fittings. Wheels, bearings, couplings etc. not included.


The list is based on the best information available at the time it was last updated but it always best to contact the supplier to check availability and price.