Rolls of Honour

During the Great War a number of Rolls of Honour were produced to commemorate the staff of the L&Y who served in the armed forces.

The first of the documents below was issued in 1915 and lists the names and departments of all L&Y employees then serving and those reported as lost or missing.

The second document was produced at the end of the war and lists all L&Y staff who gave their lives in the conflict and those who were decorated for bravery.

These are large files so please be patient whilst they open.








The L&YR war memorial is located at Manchester Victoria station, under the tiled wall map which is inside one of the entrance arches.

There are two other memorials at the station. Just around the corner from the main memorial is a tablet commemorating the staff of the Chief Goods Manager’s Office, and across the concourse, adjacent to where city bound trams exit the station, is the Fish Dock Gate memorial, so named for the thousands of troops who passed through the station to board troop trains waiting at the fish dock platform.